RFID Based File Tracking System

specially designed to reduce the staff time to maintaining/managing bunch of files within work place. It helps to save time of staff members to maintaining the records. RFID file management systems became very popular as day by day. It provides improved visibility of employees, while saving up their time from inventory counts and searching files and documents. It also reduces the chances for misplacing the documents due to mishandling.

Features of 3D Guardian File Tracking System

  • Wireless handheld device
  • Manage user and consent
  • Precise data
  • Generate reports
  • Automated & Accurate document tracking
  • Enhance the accuracy, security and visibility.
  • Make easy to managing the stock.
  • Save time
  • No possibility of misplace or theft of document.
  • Keep a record of the file or document.
  • Can Search any file with its name and number by using handheld device