3D Guardian Canteen Management System

We are introducing 3D Guardian Canteen Management System solution for Schools, Colleges and Universities. It helps to reduce the service time, eliminates queues, there is no burden to provide the exact change for the order. This system is paperless and has almost cashless transactions. It provides a fast and efficient service, keeping the money safe. Our system is based on delivering easy and productive solution by providing you a collection of reports of your day-to-day operations which helps you in analyzing and evaluating your system in some of seconds.

Benefits of 3D Guardian Canteen Management System

  • Safe and Integrated payment through the RFID Card for the food items
  • Fast and efficient payment process
  • Accurate records of transactions can be check and calculated
  • Improved meal planning
  • Reduces wastage of food
  • Shorter queues
  • Display of the menu per day
  • Reduce the cash handling issue
  • Improved school safety
  • Parents can set the daily, weekly or monthly spending limit of their child
  • Students can check their balance and verify total amount to be charged