RFID Based Animal Tracking System

Animal Tracking Solution : As we all know the world economy is growing it become progressively seeming that this bang can also cause some major problems by spreading diseases from one country to another country. So, RFID technology is must to keeping standard records of animals.

In Our Animal Tracking System we use RFID tag's which provides very effective method of collecting data far more efficiently. RFID tag can be linked to a database which includes animal’s specific information like DOB, Each unique RFID tag can be linked to a database that include animal’s specific information such as date of birth, vaccination, health and breeding details.

Our Solution also Monitor the process of feeding, weighing, disease control, subsidies, breeding practices as well as quality and traceability assurance.

Features of Animal Tracking System

  • Animal tracking and managing shelter.
  • Safety and securing assets
  • Yard Monitor Location
  • Generate reports
  • Track animal availability and quantity of animals
  • Efficient & Vigorous
  • Improves Responsiveness